Storage and conservation service in Silos Tysa

Storage of grains, liquids and general merchandise, authorized to issue certificates of deposit

  • At the moment we only handle a dry environment, and some of our facilities are enabled by a general deposit warehouse, for the issuance of CEDIS with or without pledge voucher.
  • Do you need to store and preserve grains? Come with us, we have metal silos and bulk warehouses with aeration systems, or if you require it we have flat warehouses with access and rail platforms, to store products such as sugar, or palletized merchandise or direct stowage / non-palletized cargo (bags , boxes, drums).
  • If what you need is to store bulk liquids or gases, in our new terminal in El Salto, we have a land reserve to install storage tanks to store and preserve your product, whether or not they are of high viscosity.
  • Or do you just want us to stock your railroad units with product? Come to us, and ask for availability of spaces, (this service is subject to the cross dock maneuvers being contracted with us).