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The client our reason for being

Silos Tysa, always at the forefront in the efficient use of material resources and highly trained and experienced personnel to ensure and exceed customer expectations

About us?

Silos Tysa is a Mexican company always at the forefront to provide the service of reception, loading-unloading of railway units, storage and distribution of agricultural, food and industrial products, as well as transfer of liquids and products in general.

  • It currently has 3 rail transfer terminals, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • We have 270,000 square meters of extensive facilities that include 13,000 linear meters of railroad tracks, shunting yards, metal silos, warehouses for grain storage and flat warehouses with access to the railway spur.

Our specialized transfer terminals have an operating capacity of more than 400 railway units.


Provide solutions to the business strategies of our clients, providing quality services in control and operation of logistics and transfer of materials, to contribute to the development of the community.


To be the leading company at the national level in the transfer service of food, agricultural and industrial products, based on a world-class structure.


  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Service attitude
  • Leadership
  • Respect

A little history

Our origins

They go back to the 60's where the founder of this company had the vision of having a business that would help the development of the region and the country, starting the business as a company that distributed inputs for the field, and for the The nature of the business required a close relationship with the bulk, rail or trucking companies.

Silos Tysa SA de CV took its current form until 1985.

Our company

Since its founding, and until today, one of its main premises is to invest in updating and expanding its facilities and equipment according to the needs of the market it serves (Rail, Truck and Intermodal), fully trusting in the development of our country, state and municipality.

Our working principle

From the first day of activities, it was to offer the client a service with the highest efficiency and quality in terms of maneuvers, custody and inventory management. Currently the corporate of this successful Guadalajara company is located in the La Nogalera industrial zone, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

It started with a focus on agricultural grains and seeds, and with the passage of time we began to handle products as diverse as wood, alcohol or solvents, even food ingredients such as sugar or veterinary range such as yellow fat; to the point that we became one of the leaders in the region in reception, storage and distribution of these products.


We have more than 270,000 square meters of modern and spacious facilities strategically located in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico; where we have 13,000 linear meters of railroad tracks, shunting yards, 27 silos with a capacity of 124,500 tons, 3 warehouses for grain storage with a capacity of 50,000 tons, 19,000 square meters of flat warehouses and a capacity of more than 400 units. train at our 3 specialized transfer terminals.

We have equipment such as locomotives, a railway scale, truck scales and a quality control laboratory, cranes, forklifts, telehandlers.

Sister company

We also have a sister company of Freight Transport (Transportes TYSA SA DE CV) that helps us with distribution, which has trailers as diverse as bulk hoppers, cages, flatbed and container chassis, dry boxes, and its own 40 containers. feet, we have even incorporated tanks (pipes) with a capacity of 30 thousand liters into the fleet.


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Calle 2 cañas 3047, col. la Nogalera CP 44470 Guadalajara, Jal. México.


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