We have the appropriate equipment and personnel to give you the best service.
Our transfer terminals have 13,000 linear meters of railroad tracks.

Loading, unloading or cross dock maneuvers

  • In our facilities we have adequate equipment for your operation. Do you need to move bulk cargo? We can do it! We have from buckets with capacities of up to a thousand tons per hour, or front loader, for handling grains, seeds and pasta. Are your bulk liquid? We can do it too! Up to mobile explosion-proof pumps to discharge and load hazardous material such as alcohols and solvents, or if you require handling of high viscosity products, we have a boiler and steam pipe to heat product.
  • Do you need to move general merchandise? Don't worry, we also have forklifts with capacities from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. We even have jib cranes, for handling pallet, paper reels, bundled wood, steel rod, steel bars, super sacks, etc., and if your merchandise reaches direct stowage (boxes or sacks), we have staff maneuvers to unload or load your trucks or vans
  • Our facilities have platforms with access to a spur for handling the van / box car or unloading pits for handling grains and seeds, we also have dump trucks for handling cages.
  • ell us about your project and we will develop a tailored solution