Logistics Services We Can Offer You Loading, unloading, storage and Added Value
The Customer, our reason for being.

Main competitive advantages of Silos Tysa

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  • Spur use
  • Own powertrain (locomotives and mobile track)
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • PHYSICAL analysis laboratory for grain
  • Possibility of 24 hour service
  • Possibility of issuing certificates of deposit
  • Door to door service covering customer needs
  • Track capacity of more than 400 railroad units
  • Experience in handling various products, from food, to industrial or chemical or mineral

Facilities & Capacities

More than 270,000 square meters of modern and spacious facilities strategically located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where we have 13,000 linear meters of railroad tracks; maneuvering yards; 27 silos with a capacity of 124,500 tons, 3 warehouses for grain storage with a capacity of 50,000 tons; 19,000 square meters of flat warehouses and a capacity of more than 400 railway units, all of the above between the 3 terminals we have.

Linear meters of tracks

13,000 m

27 silos with capacity

124,500 Tm


270,000 m²
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Interior Cargo Terminal (s)

This is the "technical" name by which facilities like ours are known, where we make specialized transfers for the movement of products from railroad units to trucks or vice versa; in which, we specialize in food, agricultural and chemical products, offering the guarantee of efficiency and ensuring the maintenance of quality in the products handled.

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Regulatory service

Our transfer terminals offer services ranging from heating to tank cars, loading and unloading of railway units, warehousing, etc. All of the above within the Mexican regulations, since we are authorized by the SCT, to operate as an Inland Cargo Terminal, and permits to handle hazardous material, by SEMARNAT with all the requirements that the above implies (insurance, training, bonds , etc.), in addition to the quality standards in which we have certified ourselves (ISO 22000: 2005 and OHSAS 18000).